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August 2021

How to attract new clients to a health clinic on a small budget

How WEM managed to attract more clients to a health clinic by optimising the website structure and achieving a higher position on Google searches.


Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media


Google and Facebook

Result 1

Increase in Visibility

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Monthly Visitors

Project Overview

The Situation

The client had a single landing page that was used to collect online appointments, with an average of25 daily impressions. The client created a Facebook page with limited traffic and following.

The challenge

Create more visibility and increase the number of customers in a short time.

The budget

The client knew he had to invest in order to increase the chances of winning new customers, but he had never worked with a marketing agency before, so he wanted to allocate a small budget to test the services offered.


The solution

After in-depth keyword research related to the services offered by the client, we pointed out that it was appropriate to focus on the website and gain visibility on Google.

The choice was supported by the desire to provide results that were not exclusively related to promotional activities so that the studio would not have to invest in the future to bring more customers.

We, therefore, opted to develop the website with an elaborate and optimised structure to gain visibility on Google and, at the same time, to improve the user experience. Finally, we planned a paid promotional campaign using the existing Facebook page to increase the chances of converting new customers in the short term. 

An off-page SEO was out of budget, but we suggested optimising the positioning with simple strategies that did not require any kind of experience or knowledge of the sector.


Our process to increase customers:

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Study, analysis and research of keywords strongly related to the business
  • Designing the new SEO layout
  • SEO optimisation
  • Off-page SEO strategies for the acquisition of backlinks
  • Sponsored Ads on Facebook

It was not difficult to create an ideal structure after careful keyword research. We used our method, which is designed and updated to be effective and in line with current search engine algorithms.

We strategically distributed the keywords and created a website with multiple pages, developing texts and images. We have optimised our work by reworking this content to create posts to use in paid promotion on Facebook. The website’s graphics have remained almost unchanged, and we only made a few changes to improve the user experience.

The paid promotion on Facebook started as soon as the site was completed and was aimed exclusively at an audience near the studio.


The results

After only two months from the conclusion of the work, the site’s views in the search results have reached about 2000 per month, bringing a + 260% visibility and about 350% more potential customers to the site.

Google Search Console - Viva Health Clinic


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Matteo Ciminari

They are very meticulous about every aspects regarding my website. Always very attentive to my needs, they are constantly developing new ideas and strategies for placing my website on the top of search engines. Very friendly, easy and quick communication. Definitely Recommend!

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Sabrina di Mauro

The service is excellent, over and beyond the task for what I asked their help. They are kind and committed, at time giving me the courage to believe in my own project. High recommended if you are looking for a wonderful way to improve the volume of your business in a professional and safe manner. I am still been helped by WEM and I have no intention of stopping using their services.


Ily Mataj

WEM Agency has acted with the highest professional standards, going above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions in order to protect my position as a client, at WEM Agency you can find the most high-profile professionals, the quality is one of their biggest assurance goal!

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